Post-Dated Checks, Should you accept one? Print E-mail
Written by Kerry S. Doolittle   
Friday, 09 April 2010

Solicitation or acceptance of post-dated checks is not prohibited.  However, I recommend that you never ask  for one and prefer that you do not accept a post-dated check.  If you do, you should not attempt to deposit or cash the check until after the date shown on the face of the check, and only after giving the person who wrote the check advance, written notice of your intent to deposit the check at a specified time.  (See why you should not accept one?  It is a lot of trouble, but if you want to deal with the hassle, that is your choice.)

Nor should you attempt to write a post-dated check.  Regardless of the date, the recipient may deposit the check immediately and the method used by most banks to process checks will not notice the date.  Presumably you are trying to use a post-dated check because you expect to have the necessary funds in your account by that date, which means you do not presently have the necessary funds.  The result will be a bounced check and the bank fees added to your debt.  Avoid that wasted expense by only writing the check after you have the funds in your account.

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